Lessons to Learn from the Second World War – CA Exams Preparation Tips 2020


Looking at the title, you might be wondering what does the Second World War has to do with CA Exams and what are the Lessons to Learn from the Second World War. So let me surprise you.

Lessons to Learn from the Second World War for CA Exams

You might be aware that, in the Second World War, Germany and the USA fought against each other.

During the war, Germany has built the most powerful and advanced Tanks in the world, The Tiger-III. This tank is so powerful that there is no match for it even today.

Because Germans are known for perfection, they could build just over 3,000 of these tanks during the war.

Lessons to Learn from the Second World War - ICAI Exams Preparation Tips

Now, Americans have built their own Sherman Tank. These tanks are 10 times less powerful than the Tiger Tank. So what did the USA do, they built over 50,000 of them during the war.

See the difference in volumes.

Also, Germany built the first Jet Fighter in the world, the ME262. This Jet Fighter plane is no fast that, its speed the double that of what enemy planes can fly.

But again, Germany is known for its over-engineering and quality. So they could build only 1,000 of them.

Now the USA has built its own Fighter Jets and Bombers. But do you know how many they built during the war? Over 70,000.

Now again see the difference in volumes.

End of the day, who lost the war?

Its Germany.

Germany might have had the most advanced military equipment, tanks, and fighter jets. But what’s the use.

USA Vs. Germany = ICAI Vs. CA Students

Now Let me come back to CA!

Students, Quality is good. But Quality alone cannot win you the CA war. Below are some points I would like you to learn from the above case and remember.

  1. Having conceptual knowledge is important. But that will alone will not help you clear the exams. You need to study in volumes, some times may have to mug up section numbers, provisions, or penalties. It is a hard fact.
  2. CA Exams are meant not to test your knowledge. They are to filter the competition. This is the bitter truth.
  3. You might be an expert in Taxation or Auditing. But you will end up failing if you do not score in other subjects. You like it or not, give equal importance.

USA Vs. Germany = ICAI Vs. CA Students

Do no make Hitler Selection Mistake

Do no make Hitler Selection while preparing for your CA Exams.

In 1944, the USA was ready to invade German territory. There are 15 possible beaches where this could happen.

What did Hitler do? He took a guess. He guessed that the USA might attack three particular beaches and sent all his army to those three places.

But what happened, his guess is wrong. Instead of attacking from the most obvious places, the USA has surprised and won the war.

You should not make similar mistakes in preparation. Do not assume anything and do selective reading.

Do not assume that ICAI might ask questions from a particular chapter and skip the syllabus. You have to prepare for every which way. Learn from the Second World War while you prepare for CA Exams.

CA is a War

CA is a war. The greatest and biggest war of your life.

Remember that conceptual reading is for your heart and volume reading is for your brain. You have to satisfy both.

You might have the utmost knowledge on Cost Accounting, but the examiner will try to beat you with volume. The paper might be so long that 3 hours will not be enough.

Similarly, you might be good in Corporate Law and interpretation. But in the exam, you will be asked questions like ‘What is the amount of penalty for a particular offense’, and there is no other way to remember this amount other than to mug up.

You have to be well-prepared, well-positioned, and inspired at all times.

You have to always treat ICAI as your enemy who is ready to surprise you, attack you from all sides, test you, push you to the limits. Learn from the Second World War for your CA Exam’s Preparation.

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